May 19, 2024

A industrial wall clock is the perfect addition to any steampunk home decor. They are a wonderful way to add a touch of industrialism to your interior and they will attract the attention of any guests.

Steampunk style is a popular trend that started in the 19th century and originated in industrialism. It features a large number of cogs and mechanisms from industrial machinery.


The STEAMPUNK CLOCK, from Ugears, is a great example of combining 3D puzzles with steampunk, a cult design movement that blends modern style and precision technology in the form of retro wooden elements, aged copper and rivets. The gizmo is designed to track hours, days and months in a classy fashion with small moving gears and a large outer sprocket to show the time.

The aforementioned large sprocket displays the clock’s time while the tiny moving gears spin around it occasionally emitting a soft whistling sound when they turn. The clever little clock can be assembled in under an hour and is sure to spark some interesting conversations at the dinner table. With its futuristic looks it will look great on any mantel or as a showpiece in your study. If you’re looking for the right trinket to complement your vintage themed decor, this is definitely a must have. Best of all it is a lot of fun to build!


STEAMPUNK CLOCK is a unique and one-of-a-kind timepiece that is inspired by the steampunk genre. It features a blend of vintage Nixie tubes and steampunk design elements.

Featuring brass and copper rivets, this unique piece is designed to capture the spirit of steampunk. It makes a beautiful wall clock or a great addition to any home decor.

It’s also a great gift for a steampunk fan!

A modern take on a time displacement capsule, this unique clock features riveted details and a removable lid. It can also function as a pen pot.

It’s an excellent decor piece for the mantel or blank dining room wall. It also has a pewter finish that complements many decor styles.


Steampunk design aesthetics are a cult style that combines retro wooden elements, aged copper and rivets with a touch of steam-driven technology. A STEAMPUNK CLOCK is the perfect way to incorporate this look into your home décor.

Some of the materials used in a STEAMPUNK CLOCK include wood, metal and glass. Wood is a classic choice for this decorative wall piece, but it also offers the potential to be damaged by pollutants in the environment.

Other factors that may affect the longevity of a clock include the introduction of abrasives, such as dust. These particles settle on the surface of a clock and can become embedded in its mechanisms, causing wear and tear over time.

Protective conservation measures can prevent issues from affecting the durability of a clock. These measures involve a number of aspects, including proper handling and creation and maintenance of appropriate work environments.


Designed to be assembled by two people, this 3D Wooden Puzzle is the perfect way to pass the time and add some much-needed visual interest to your home or office. It’s a simple matter of clicking the pre-cut pieces into place and waiting for the magic to happen. It’s a fun and engaging activity that can be enjoyed by adults or kids alike.

The STEAMPUNK CLOCK is also a great choice for anyone who’s looking to upgrade their mantelpiece or fill up a blank wall in their dining room. Its ooh la la list of impressive features includes an astrolabe-esque time displacement clock, a cleverly designed pen pot and a cool looking mechanism that uses the aforementioned mechanical marvel to get its occupants in sync. It’s a smart, well-designed piece of decor that could be proudly displayed on a shelf or placed in a prominent position on your mantel.

The best part about this impressive piece is that it genuinely makes your home or office feel like a more sophisticated place to be.

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