May 18, 2024

YouTube is a great place to share content with an audience of global potential. It’s also an excellent way to make money if you have enough subscribers and videos.

But the number of your subscribers doesn’t directly impact how much money you can earn from ads, as YouTube pays per view rather than subscriber. However, having a larger subscriber count does help your content get recommended to users by the YouTube algorithm.


YouTube notifications are a quick way to let you know about new videos and updates from your favorite channels. They include emails and push-notifications on your smartphone or desktop.

You can customize the notifications that you receive by choosing what types of notifications you want to receive and when. These settings are available in your profile.

Depending on your subscriptions, you may also receive recommendations that match the content you’re watching. These recommendations are based on your activity or what’s trending on your favorite channels.

Some users have also reported a strange phenomenon called “subscriber ghosting.” This is when you subscribe to a creator, but they don’t send you a notification about their next upload.

It is a very frustrating situation for creators and viewers alike. Thankfully, YouTube has made some progress on this issue.


YouTube subscribers have access to a variety of data, including comments, videos, and more. In addition, they also receive notifications when a video is uploaded.

Subscribers can also opt in to YouTube’s access-to-experiments perk, which includes testing new features on a limited basis. There are currently three tests up for participation, and YouTube says it plans to offer more exclusive ones on a rolling basis.

As part of its effort to fight creator impersonation, YouTube is disabling channels’ ability to hide their subscriber counts. This will make it more difficult for bad actors to spoof accounts without their actual numbers, so they’ll be less likely to get noticed.

Additionally, YouTube is improving auto-moderation for comments. This will help channels catch more spam and solicitations. It will also give creators the option to increase the strictness of comment moderation.


The YouTube community is a wonderful place to connect with your audience. People can find out more about you, and you can learn from them as well.

The community isn’t perfect, but it’s full of lovely, helpful people. You’ll always find a friendly face when you go to the Community tab, and if you post a question or poll it’s likely that someone will answer it for you.

You can also use the Community tab to promote older videos, merch and products you sell. This can help you keep your channel active and relevant, while still generating a fair amount of traffic for your content.

The Community tab will be available to a much larger percentage of creators than it was when it first launched, thanks to YouTube cutting the number of subscribers you need for access in half. The new threshold only requires 500 subscribers, and it’s likely to open up this feature to many more channels in the future.


YouTube is a massive platform where people come to watch videos and learn about different topics. Whether it’s how to tie a tie or how to solve complex math problems, YouTube offers a wealth of educational content.

In October, YouTube announced that it would be investing $20 million into educational videos and creators. This will help talented education-based YouTubers and support new creators to bring in more valuable content for knowledge seekers.

Creating how-to and educational video content is a great way to attract your audience. However, it’s important to note that making interesting and engaging video content does not come easy.

If you want to create a channel for your audience, choose a topic that interests them and build a series of videos around it. You can also use YouTube’s best practices to promote your learning content and get more viewers for it.

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