July 20, 2024

From ancient Egypt to modern beachwear, shells have been a popular jewelry material for centuries. This eye-catching collection of jewelry made from natural cowrie shells is a wonderful way to bring the beauty of the ocean into your everyday style. Cowrie shells (also known as bittersweet clam shells or mermaid’s toenails) are mollusk shells with a unique pattern of brown and white stripes, and they are often strung together to create intricate necklaces and bracelets. The sand dollar is a sea urchin shell with a distinctive pattern of five-pointed stars and is associated with abundance, prosperity, and luck. This shell jewelry collection from Tohum includes both of these recognizable symbols, along with many more, to create an elegant and eye-catching piece of jewelry that is sure to draw compliments.

Shell jewelry is created primarily from the shells of marine mollusks, and it also uses the shell layer known as mother-of-pearl or nacre, and the operculum or trapdoor that is part of some sea snails. Occasionally shells from non-marine mollusks, such as the shells of land snails or freshwater clams, may be used in shell jewelry.

Heishi shell beads have been a staple in Native American culture for centuries, and they are still commonly worn by Pueblo and Navajo people. They are believed to be a powerful spiritual symbol that connects individuals with their ancestors. Mother-of-pearl is a treasured jewel for many cultures and is thought to protect against negative energy. Shiva Eye shells, which are characterized by their spiral patterns that resemble the eyes of the Hindu god Shiva, are believed to symbolize wisdom and intuition. Shell necklace and bracelet

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