July 20, 2024

Dressier than sports jackets but not as formal as a suit, the blazer is a smart staple for any wardrobe.

Blazers typically fit slightly looser than suit jackets, but not so loose that they look sloppy. Ideally, it should fall smoothly over your shoulders.

Sleeve length should end at your mid to lower crotch, or slightly higher if you’re taller. A tailor can usually shorten a blazer, but not lengthen it without messing up the proportions.

  1. Color

Blazers come in a variety of colors. Some are more casual, while others are more formal and can be worn with a suit or business dress. Some common colors include blue, navy, and charcoal. Other color options include burgundy, green, and velvet.

Some blazers are made of a cotton fabric, while others are made of a wool, linen, or silk fabric. These are generally softer and lighter than other types of blazers. The lining of the jacket can also influence its feel. The lining is important because it helps the blazer keep its shape and remain wrinkle-free.

When selecting a fabric for your Mens Blazer, consider its durability and how it looks with different pants and shirt & tie combinations. For example, a wool blazer is a classic option that will last a long time and is a great choice for cold weather. A cotton blazer, on the other hand, is a lightweight option that can be worn during warmer weather.

  1. Fabric

Blazers are made with a variety of fabrics. Some are more formal and structured, while others are more casual and relaxed. Regardless of fabric, you should look for a quality piece that is comfortable and durable. A good blazer should be machine washable and can stand up to regular wear. It should also be wrinkle-resistant. If it does get wrinkled, you can steam or iron it to remove the wrinkles.

A blazer should be worn with matching trousers, either in the same color or a similar shade. If you have a dark pair of jeans, for example, you can pair them with a navy blazer to create a semi-formal outfit that works well for occasions like daytime weddings.

It is customary to button the top two buttons of a blazer, but leave the bottom button unbutton when wearing it. You should also leave the blazer buttons open when sitting down. Doing so can prevent the jacket from becoming too tight and uncomfortable.

  1. Style

Blazers come in a variety of styles, occupying the middle ground between sports coats and suit jackets. You’ll find designs that resemble tuxedo jackets with their contrasting buttons and wide lapels, along with relaxed twill styles that are a step down from tailored looks.

A double-breasted blazer like Ralph Lauren’s expertly crafted wool version checks both boxes. It has soft shoulders and brash peak lapels, but the lower button stance creates an unobtrusive fit that flatters most shapes.

When it comes to your blazer-jeans combo, the supporting cast can make or break your look. Choose men’s sneakers with clean lines that match the refinement of your blazer, while blending casual and formal style. And don’t forget the accessories, like a striped polo shirt and neatly folded men’s pocket square, that can take your look to the next level.

  1. Size

Blazers can be worn with a range of pants – from denim to chinos. The fabric should match or contrast with the pants. Avoid wearing a light-colored blazer with dark jeans – this looks silly. The blazer should also fit the body and be proportional to your height.

The blazer should sit properly on the shoulders and the sleeves should follow the shoulder lines. The sleeves should end at the middle of your wrist or a little bit higher. If the sleeve is too long, it can look like you are wearing a suit jacket and throw off your outfit’s style.

A double-breasted blazer is more formal and works well for weddings and other formal occasions. However, it can add extra bulk to a thin man. A single-breasted blazer is more versatile and can be worn with casual attire as well. A patterned blazer, such as a windowpane pattern, will work well for both casual and formal occasions.

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