May 17, 2024

Create a welcoming, comforting atmosphere for patients and medical staff with versatile healthcare furniture. Exam room stools and chairs, HIPAA-compliant wall racks for charts and whiteboards help keep your office running smoothly.

Quality seating offers style and durability to support your facility’s busy medical practices. Choose options that are comfortable for patients and staff, with a durable fabric that’s easy to clean.

Exam Tables

Whether you have a physician’s office, hospital, clinic or physical therapy practice, exam tables are an essential part of Cabinet médical mobilier These units support patients during medical exams, tests and treatments while making them comfortable.

Unlike traditional fixed-height examination chairs, some medical exam tables are designed to elevate patients in a prone or semi-supine position. This makes it easier for physicians to see and touch their patients as well as helps reduce patient discomfort.

Find a wide range of electric exam table models, including combination tables with removable and foldable headrests that transform into treatment tables to make room for physical therapy or massage equipment. Many of these tables feature cabinets and drawers for convenient storage and also come in bariatric configurations to accommodate larger patients.

Foldable Workspaces

Equip healthcare offices with flexible workspaces that accommodate staff and patient needs. Keep patient charts, medications and other documentation at hand without sacrificing floor space with ADA-compliant wall desks like this one from Popup Studio.

Foldable workspaces also double as privacy screens for doctor consultations or medical exam rooms. They feature a hidden storage area that secures papers, and they come in Smart or Comfort designs from Wilkhahn dealers.

Provide patients, family members and guests with comfortable seating in your waiting room. Choose lounge furniture to promote a welcoming atmosphere, such as upholstered armchairs or sofas. Set up a reception desk to help guests feel at ease before their appointment, and arrange medical cabinets to hold supplies.

Exam Room Stools

Physicians and medical staff need comfortable seating to sit at for long periods of time while examining patients. Organize your medical office furniture with exam room stools that offer easy height adjustment and sturdy construction. For example, the Midmark 273 stool features a vacuum formed, ultra comfort seamless seat and a 5 leg black plastic base. It also offers air lift pneumatic height adjustment so you can easily change the position with one touch.

Keep medical instruments organized and at hand with a tray table. Store extra supplies in the shelves underneath for easy access to everything you need. Equip your waiting room with stylish healthcare furniture so that visitors feel at ease as they wait for their appointments. Add magazines and sanitizer dispensers to your exam room to create an inviting waiting area.

Waiting Room Chairs

Stylish waiting room chairs can help set the tone and create comfort for patients. Look for options that can be easily cleaned and that offer durability to withstand frequent use. Consider lounge-style chairs with tablet arm attachments for those who need to work while they wait. Opt for ganged seating so families can sit together or oversized seats to accommodate larger guests.

Provide guest seating with convenient places to set their belongings like a magazine rack or community board. Displaying local news and events can show that your practice is connected to the community and helps to reduce anxiety and frustration for patients who are anxious about their medical visit. Add a few plants to your waiting area to promote wellness and add color and natural beauty to the space.


Medical facilities need storage that’s durable, organized, and easy to access. Storage solutions like treatment cabinets and pharmacy sliding shelving make good use of space with their compact design. Medication and narcotic cabinets are lockable to keep supplies secure.

Smaller healthcare providers and private practice offices have limited office space. Choosing open filing shelving or high-density storage cabinets improves storage organization, accessibility, and cleanliness and reduces wasted time searching for a specific item.

Wall mounted storage solutions, from wire hanging bins to a variety of cabinet configurations, are quick and simple to install. Modular wall-mounted cabinets can be expanded as needs change. Narrow base cabinets are available for tight spaces and sink base cabinets include a convenient hand-washing station. A full range of accessories is also available.

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