July 20, 2024

Carry your essentials with a cool sense of style

michael kors bags women’s are more versatile than suitcases. They’re easier to carry up flights of stairs or across cobblestone streets, and can even be packed into tight spaces more easily. Choosing the right backpack depends on your unique preferences and daily habits. Once you find the perfect backpack, fit it properly.

Top Handle

Designed with your everyday essentials in mind, this medium-sized leather backpack boasts adjustable back straps and a top handle to boot. A zip fastening and magnetic flap complete the picture while two front slip pockets and a zipped pocket within provide handy organisation options. It’s also fully lined to keep your stuff safe and dry, so you’ll be able to take it with you wherever the day takes you.

One of the coolest things about this bag is that it’s actually made from responsibly sourced materials like bamboo, cork and recycled polyester. It comes in a wide range of colors that will complement any outfit, and it’s also super easy to clean. It’s even a stylish way to carry your umbrella, thanks to its slick side panel.

A good backpack will be big enough to hold your iPad, lunch and anything else you’re willing to haul around in style. Make sure to use the straps properly and adjust them accordingly, as they can strain your shoulders or worse, cause back pain if you’re not careful.

Around Your Waist

The around your waist backpack, also known as a fanny pack, belt bag or moon bag, is a small pouch worn like a belt above the hips that’s secured usually with some sort of buckle. They’re a great choice for warm-weather hiking or travel because they can be easily taken off and slung over your shoulder.

Choose backpacks with a torso length that matches your body size. To measure your torso length, stand up straight and tilt your head forward. Use a cloth measuring tape to measure from the bony bump (C7) vertebra in your upper spine down to the point of your back at the same level as your hip bones (iliac crest).

For a simple, no-frills design that’s sure to keep your essentials close at hand, the Everest Signature Waist Pack is a great choice. The highly adjustable waistband is a nice feature, and the pack has three zippers for easy access to your gear.

Shoulder Bag

Backpacks are a great way to carry your essentials with a cool sense of style. They come in all shapes and sizes and have multiple interior pockets to organize everything you need, as well as zippered compartments for extra protection.

However, backpacks are heavier than shoulder bags, so if you’re carrying a large laptop around in the back of your pack all day, it can become uncomfortable. If you’re looking for a more casual option, consider a shoulder bag backpack.

Shoulder bags are also a popular choice for working professionals and business travelers. They look professional and are a good match for suit and tie or business casual styles. They can be a bit more expensive than messenger bags, but they make a statement about your professionalism and success.

Classic Way

The Classic Way backpack is not only a good looking bag, but it’s also an awesome way to carry your essentials with a cool sense of style. Its unstructured design makes it an easy to pack your go-to outfit for a day in the city or on the trail, and the thoughtful features catered to frequent travelers make it a winner.

The Classic Way’s blingtastic main compartment is the icing on the cake. Its cleverly crafted zippers are the best – and the most functional – we’ve ever seen, and the top pocket has a unique design that lets you open it with just one hand. As a bonus, the bag comes with a lifetime guarantee – something you can’t say for many of the products we review, but it’s a nice perk when you’re carrying your most prized possession on your back. Its padded top handle also catches your eye with its smooth, folded seat belt-like material.

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